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Congratulations】to NKUHT for winning the IATA authorization to establish the first training center in the greater China area

※【News 1】:Industry trend published in TTNMEDIA
NKUHT won the IATA authorization to establish the first training center in the greater China area
Report date2008-12-08 
No.546Date07~14 Dec.2008



After two years of promotion, NKUHT finally achieved joint authorization by the IATA and UFTAA to found the first authorized training center in Taiwan and held an unveiling and opening ceremony on December 4. By opening enough primary certification courses for students to apply in the tourism employment market, the university will cultivate more talents with international competitiveness.
Rong Jiye, president of NKUHT who has always actively developed opportunities of industry-university cooperation, emphasizes that after going through various inspections of teachers’ certifications, document approvals, enrollment training dimensions and so on, in 2008, the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism finally founded the first authorized training center of Taiwan and even in the greater China region. Moreover, NKUHT has opened primary courses to obtain a diploma of tourism and currently has 25 students selected to take the ATC course taught in English, of which the content covers professional and systematic airline and tourism materials. Students will register for the internationally uniform IATA test in March 2009 to improve the employment strength of students in NKUHT.
Chen Weiliang, president of IATA in the greater China region, explains that opportunities in the travel industry are everywhere. He expects that during the process of emerging on the world scene, NKUHT can make good use of being the only ATC resource in the greater China region to gain more positive recognition for itself. This course can also provide education and training to all people from the industry. He also believes that it can play a part in improving the quality of the industry.
Xv Shijie, IATA general manager in Taiwan, says that IATA has an established office in Taiwan for 19 years and is glad to see the foundation of the ATC in Taiwan. In the future, in order to make people expect more from NKUHT, they will further open a special industry class to encourage beginner students. Xv Shijie will even provide encouragement scholarships to the top 5 students to take the test and hopes to recruit more young students to contribute to Taiwan’s industry with world recognized professionals.
At the moment, NKUHT has opened primary courses for a diploma of tourism this semester, and students taking this course need to study professional English material on airline and travel published by IATA. After this course, they may also register for internationally uniform test held by IATA. If students successfully pass the test, they can then obtain the IATA/UFTAA professional certificate. Rong Jiye expects to enhance schooling features by providing students with this type of professional and international course content.
Moreover, Chen Weiliang thinks that this course can also be provided to airline and travel industry professionals for further education and training, and in the future, he will encourage hospitality colleges to open special industry classes to assist personnel in the travel industry to study and obtain international certificates, which will both promote industry quality and international competitiveness.   
As for teacher resource, NKUHT has recommended and sent several materials about trained teachers in relevant departments to IATA, while in the university, some lecturers have passed lecturer qualification tests. Xv Shiming expects that through the foundation of the IATA╱UFTAA authorized training center in NKUHT, the university’s teaching features will not only be enhanced, but will also in the future combine each resource in the university to actively discuss the promotion plan in service of education and training to local tourism workers, which will even further promote the project’s performance and influence.


writer: Lin Ting-YiNo. 81/2008.12.08】
Report date: 2008-12-08 



The National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism was jointly authorized by IATA and UFTAA to build an authorized training center. At the unveiling and opening ceremonies, IATA president Chen Weiliang in the greater China area, general manager Xv Shijie of the Taiwan Office and Xv Shangzhe, vice chairman of the Taipei Association Of Travel Agents all came to the south to present this great event.


News 2】:Industry news published in Travel Rich
NKUHT founded the IATA/YFTAA training center






News 3: Taiwan/NKUHT students are very professional in examination for international certificate!
Taiwan/NKUHT students are very professional in examination for international certificate!
Net version of Joong Ang Daily
2009-05-21 18:44:09







reported by Zhong Xiu-Zhong
With the assistance of the plan to reward teaching excellence of the Ministry of Education, the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism opened primary courses for a diploma of international tourism. There were 25 students taking the first batch of courses, of which 10 students passed the examination and were awarded the certificate with a pass rate of 40%, while 2 of them achieved excellent grades, such that on May 21st, Xv Shijie, IATA general manager, personally came to NKUHT to publicly grant the certificates, badges and scholarships.  
In 1944, the United States invited 52 countries to sign the Chicago Agreement in Chicago and in the following year founded the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), but the organization was still unable to effectively handle business items like ticket prices and freight between international airlines. To cope with this requirement, representatives of each country in the ICAO reached a consensus to found the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) with airlines with international flights in 1945. Since then, ticket prices, reservation service systems and service regulations among travel agencies have been made by IATA; therefore, the international professional certificate recognized by IATA can be used in any country and help people to find work anywhere.
After teachers of ChengChien-Hang, Hong Liangzhi and Xv Boyi went through various inspections in tenured teachers’ certifications, examinations, discussions of cooperation with IATA headquarters, enrollment training dimensions and so on, on December 4, 2008, the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism officially obtained joint authorization from IATA and UFTAA to found in NKUHT the only authorized training center of Taiwan. 
There are 25 students taking the first level of training under this course. Due to the price of this certification course abroad being about 30 thousand dollars, including tuition and teaching material, examinations are currently only held in foreign countries, and the closest place to Taiwan that holds the examination is Hong Kong. NKUHT specially gives each student 25 thousand dollars as a subsidy to encourage students to obtain the international certificate and invites all the students of the university to participate. Since this course has to be instructed and tested in English and although the registration numbers are not very big, the certificate obtaining rate is 40%, since ten students passed the exam, among them Yang Shuncheng and Chen Kaiting from the department of travel management who received excellent grades. Today, under the authorization of Xv Shijie, IATA general manager, they were granted with certificates and badges.     
General Manager Xv said that he opened this course to employees already working in the travel agency a few years ago, but they all failed, and that no one passed disappointed him very much; today he received notice from the headquarters in Canada that NKUHT got a 40% pass rate, which delighted him greatly. He also hopes that these students can become the future students that will further assist underclass mates in the university to pass the examination to improve the professional level of Taiwan’s tourism industry.


In addition, Liu Huizhen, a member of the department of applied foreign languages who also received the certificate, said that to obtain this certificate, she spent much of her spare time and weekends to take classes and prepare. The test itself took 8 hours on one day, and since it’s completely in English, she had to keep her mind clear and remember everything that she learned together to pass the test. Since she has no professional knowledge in this aspect, it was very hard, but everything was worth it for now she has got new professional knowledge.
 By providing students professional and international course content, NKUHT builds and promotes the professional certification course recognized throughout the entire world in order to assist students in obtaining international certificates at the school and to increase employment competitiveness by which the university enhances its schooling features and pursues a new model of education with teaching excellence.
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