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2019.08.09 Co-organized Huojiingu Summer Camp-Boeing 747 cabin experience ground handling trainee

2019.08.09 Co-organized Huojiingu Summer Camp-Boeing 747 cabin experience ground handling training = Rotary Huojiingu Summer Camp caring for disadvantaged children = [Reporter Huang Feilong Kaohsiung Report] International Rotary 3510 District 9th district 7 Rotary clubs, 11th district Three Rotary clubs jointly organize the "Caring for Disadvantaged Children" Huojingu Summer Camp. The activity is completely free for 3 weeks from August 2 to August 22. The Huojingu Summer Camp combines the Dagangshan Lions Club, Gang Lions Club, and Grandpa High school and college students from the Dian Support Youth League, Agongdian Okayama Agricultural and Industrial Support Youth League, Okayama Junior College Youth Association, and Dagangshan Rehabilitation Friends Association participated in the grand event. The opening ceremony officially kicked off after the speeches by Chairman Zhang Mucheng of the Rotary Club of Agongdian and Zhang Hongxi, the regional director of 3510. This time, the school children not only came from eight elementary schools in Gangshan District, but also covered more than 120 people in 11 villages and towns in the Agongdian River Basin. For the most time in history, the Huo Jin Gu Summer Camp was founded by Dr. Jiang Rongqin, the dean of Okayama Le’an Hospital. Dean Jiang is a great benevolent person in Okayama area. There are also volunteer elder brothers and elder sisters to assist them in the summer homework. These volunteer elder brothers and eldest sisters also learned how to help and serve others. What is gratifying is that after holding the Huo Jin Gu summer camp for the past few years, among the volunteers of these big brothers and sisters this year, some of them were actually the trainees of the Huo Jin Gu summer camp. Today's gain becomes tomorrow's contribution." Huojingu summer camp courses are very compact and solid. In addition to directing summer homework, the on-campus courses cover from aviation science education guided by the dean of Okayama Aviation Academy, Xu Zigui, to seed creation art, paper clay DIY, baking, barbecue party, modeling balloon, rhythm, Shaved ice, etc., a visit to the Lo Mei Museum is arranged outside the school. It is sponsored by Chairman Chen Xiuqing and visited the Jujuji and Ice Cream Exhibition in the Peer Special Zone. It is provided by the Chairman of Oujue Travel Agency Wang Minhe. The summer camp courses are constantly being introduced in response to the government’s second foreign language policy. In line with international standards, this year Stanford American and Harvard tuition classes will provide free tuition by foreign teachers. This year's outdoor teaching has increased the visit to the Okayama Police Station, which can be said to be entertaining and entertaining. Germany is not alone, and there must be neighbors. The famous local restaurants include Jiaxiang Pinwei Xiaoguan, Liu Mei Guo Shao Pasta, Mingde Lamb, Fengjia Market Noodles, etc. They also responded enthusiastically to the news and provided free lunch for these children during class. I can also feast on my food. I am grateful for the support and sponsorship from all walks of life, so that Huo Jingu's light can illuminate every corner and pass on, "let today's gain become tomorrow's contribution." The picture shows that the "Caring for Disadvantaged Children" Huojingu Summer Camp will last for 3 weeks from August 2 to 22, and is jointly organized by 10 Rotary Clubs in the International Rotary 3510 area. (Huang Feilong)

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