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Curriculum mapping



Curriculum mapping provides a series of simple but systematic tools and is well-structured to promote the instruction of teachers and students’ learning. Clear study channels are used to help students plan, organize and integrate course study before and after course selection, and then connect to course content and objectives. It can not only stimulate students’ motivations for learning, but also help the department inspect and integrate curriculum implementation.   

To build the planning phase of the curriculum mapping throughout the entire university, the department prescribes the basic capabilities that students shall achieve, core capabilities and professional features, as well as the corresponding objectives for industry development. Under the direction of the meeting of academic affairs, each department researches together with the common education center various common courses that conform to the professional demands of each department, amends curriculum mapping and heeds crosswise integration and vertical consistence of the curriculum of each year, as well as regularly inspects if the curriculum standard conforms to the development objectives of the department and copes with market changes. Curriculum mapping of the department is detailed as shown in Figure 1.